TorTek specialises in Web Design and IT Consultancy, specifically Cloud Computing, IP Telephony and IT Auditing. This knowledge and skill has been built up over many years in the IT industry.  All these services are explained in greater detail throughout this website and if there are any queries please get in touch via telephone or email. Read more...






We have a wide expertise in running complex IT systems where uptime, security  and reliability are the key and we bring this expertse to our web hosting and management package.


TorTek can host and fully manage the website on a very secure and powerful server ensuring maxium uptime and responsiveness for the website.  

TorTek have helped many clients with the design of their websites. This includes hosting the websites and teaching the users how to maintain and run them properly.

These websites range from Dutch pension fund websites like to more complex to media rich Production company websites like to bespoke multi language cms websites like

TorTek is a certified partner of Microsoft and we therefore recommend Microsoft Office365 as our preferred cloud solution although we are constantly evaluating the market for other solutions and are flexible to any preferences from the customer.


The reason we recommend Microsoft Office 365 is right there in the title, Microsoft. They are really putting a lot of resources behind this new technology and the result is that you get a fantastic cloud experience in a very scalable and cost effective package.

Our IT audits are based on 2 main IT Auditing standards, CISA from ISACA (Information Systems audit and Control Association) and ISO 27001. These standards are globally recognised and lay down very exact rules for conducting a thorough IT audit.


Whilst the audited takes a lead from these respected standards they are to detailed for an initial quick audit but are employed full force if more thorough IT audits are requested or needed.